natural alcaline cosmetics

QuraDea natural cosmetics have been certified by Natrue. They are free from any synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives and contain no mineral oils, parabens or silicones.

alkaline body care

For centries people have taken alkaline care of themselves; our ancestors used alkaline curd soaps for their daily body care until very recently. The essence of alkaline body care lies in the natural regulation of the moisture and fat content of the skin. Skin that is too oily or too dry can normalise itself by stimulating self-cleansing mechanisms of the sebaceous glands and neutralising acid excreta thanks to alkaline body care. The result is a clear and rejuvenated skin which can shine on in its original alkaline nature.

colostrum effect on the skin

Our skin with its manifold functions is a complex organ which is often strained from inside and outside. Colostrum contains many ingredients that can meet the requirements of the skin. For example the epidermal growth factor contained in colostrum can support the tissue repair of the epidermis. The anti-aging qualities of colostrum cosmetics do not come by chance and you should put our alkaline natural cosmetics to the test!

The different alkaline formulations of the colostrum balm, colostrum creams and colostrum lotion differ primarily in their content of colostrum in the formulation. Generally our QuraDea colostrum cosmetics have a strong affinity to the mature, rather dry skin which is wonderfully nourished and cared for thanks to the innovative formulations. Also the skin that has been injured benefits greatly from the regenerating potential of colostrum cosmetics.

We will complete the QuraDea cosmetic line in spring 2020 with a tonic and a serum and are already looking forward to it!

QuraDea colostrum cosmetics

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