Doping with colostrum?

Marc-René Paravicini / 22.07.2018
Colostrum as a natural dietary supplement is very popular amongst athletes. The effect of one ingredient is of particular interest: it is the IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor). This natural growth factor is prominently represented in colostrum. It belongs to the insulin hormones and exerts a direct influence on the energy balance and the immune system. There's some interesting studies been made which examined the colostrum effect on professional athletes. If you're interested to find out more about the matter you may follow this link to the colostrum studies.

Colostrum is not on the list of the prohibited substances. However the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recommends not to take colostrum. Also the SSNS (Swiss Sports Nutrition Society) classifies the colostrum equally.

This is based on a study that shows a change in IGF levels in the blood serum. In contrast there are many studies that couldn't see any change at all. All these colostrum studies were made with 20 - 60 grams of colostrum/day which according to our experience is far above what an athlete has to take. With our wholesome QuraDea colostrum powder approx. 3 grams/day are sufficient to support the regeneration.

We are convinced that colostrum side effects such as a positive urine or blood sample are impossible if an athlete sticks to 2-3 grams of colostrum per day. Here you can read more about colostrum in sports.
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