SwissBioColostrum Ltd. receives the Bio Suisse Award!

SBC AG / 14.09.2014
The two Swiss entrepreneurs Gian-Carlo Keller and Marc-René Paravicini win the Grand Prix Bio Suisse 2014 with their company SwissBioColostrum Ltd. founded seven years ago. The prize money of 10'000 Swiss francs is regarded as recognition for their promotion of a forgotten natural remedy in organic quality.

As the first and only Swiss manufacturer of high-quality colostrum products, SwissBioColostrum AG has established itself in recent years and helped the unknown natural product to break through. About 50 Bio Suisse and Demeter certified farmers are currently under contract and supply over 2000 kg of raw colostrum annually. This immune milk is the first milk in mammals and humans after birth. It contains important nutrients of the milk and also lots of indispensable protective substances which do not occur anywhere else in nature. These are vital for the survival of the newborn - yet adults may benefit equally. Since today's dairy animals produce too much milk and colostrum the surplus can be processed. Thus a cow 'donates' about 5 liters of the valuable colostrum per year. This raw colostrum then gets freeze-dried, refined and sold under the brand name QuraDea. The products get sold by pharmacies, drugstores, naturopaths and doctors in Switzerland and the EU.

The two entrepreneurs would like to use the prize money to realise their project for an extended line of organic cosmetics. They are looking forward to the increasing demand for colostrum products especially from Asia. In the future more and more Bio Suisse dairy farmers will be able to supply their colostrum.