Cow Colostrum tablets

100 tablets with 1'000 mg each

Colostrum in the form of a lozenge favours the absorption of the valuable ingredients, since they can be absorbed directly in the mouth.

Pomegranate as fruit and food supplement is currently experiencing a revival. This is no coincidence, as the fruit contains many precious substances. The qualities of pomegranate complement those of colostrum perfectly and together they form a very strong combination!

The lozenges also have certified organic quality and contains many other exquisite ingredients. Melting on the tongue, it unfolds a lovely fruity aroma and turns out to be a real treat - also for your children!

The 100 tablets are offered in a noble violet glass from Miron. This packaging protects the sensitive ingredients from the denaturing influence of the sun's rays.

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  • certified by bio.inspecta
  • colostrum from the first 6 hours
  • wholesome - incl. casein and fat
  • pasteurized at 63°C
  • lactose free
  • freeze-dried
  • filled by hand without the use of any fillers

list of ingredients

organic cow colostrum 375 mg
organic pomegranate concentrate 375 mg
organic elderberry concentrate 200 mg
organic blackberry concentrate 50 mg
berry preparation, containing: 50 mg
berryfruitconc. 20 mg, sugar 20 mg, glucose sirup 10 mg 0 mg
percentage of organic agricultural ingredients 95 %

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