Cow colostrum with Minerals

Food supplement containing 120 capsules with 490 mg powder each

This combination is primarily rich in calcium and magnesium. The recommended daily dose of 4 capsules contains 120 mg bioactive calcium and 60 mg magnesium. This corresponds to 15% and 16% of the daily doses recommended by the FOPH.

Calcium is a vital for building and maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth. It also plays an important role in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system and is responsible for the acid binding capacity (buffer capacity) of blood, cells and tissue.

Sango is an exceptionally mineral-rich sea coral which contains a lot of calcium and magnesium. The proportion of 2:1 corresponds exactly to the ratio required by the human metabolism.

Together with colostrum this product helps to achieve a very good supplementation of trace elements. According to the Swiss Food Ordinance colostrum is rich in minerals and antibodies.

The perfect colostrum mixture for your alcaline body balance!

The 120 capsules are offered in a noble violet glass from Miron. This packaging protects the sensitive ingredients from the denaturing influence of the sun's rays.

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  • certified by bio.inspecta
  • colostrum from the first 6 hours
  • wholesome - incl. casein and fat
  • pasteurized at 63°C
  • lactose free
  • freeze-dried
  • filled by hand without the use of any fillers

list of ingredients

Organic Cow Colostrum 200 mg
Sango Coral Sediment 150 mg
Organic Barley Gras 50 mg
Vegetabile Capsule (Vcaps plus) 90 mg
Percentage of organic agricultural ingredients 63%

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