Organic Cow Colostrum Special

120 capsules with 250 mg powder each

QuraDea cow colostrum special contains the pure and freeze-dried essence of the colostrum from swiss cows. In comparison with the other pure products this one gets fermented with three stems of bacteriae that are also present in our intestines. The bacterial strains are those that occur naturally in our small intestine and the colon.

Basically colostrum contains different oligosaccharides which serve as food for the bifidus bacteria in the large intestine. These long-chain sugar compounds are prebiotics with bifidogenic properties.

QuraDea cow colostrum special may support your digestion - in certified organic quality!

The 120 capsules are offered in noble violet glass from Miron. This packaging protects the sensitive ingredients from the denaturing influence of the sun's rays.

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  • certified by bio.inspecta
  • colostrum from the first 12 hours
  • wholesome incl. casein and fat
  • pasteurized at 63°C / fermented at 37°C
  • lactose reduced (~ 4.8g/100g)
  • freeze-dried
  • filled by hand without the use of any fillers

list of ingredients

organic cow colostrum 250 mg
fermented with:
bifidobacteria species
lactobacillus bulgaricus
streptococcus thermophilus
vegetabile capsule (Vcaps plus) 90 mg