Frequently asked questions about colostrum

Questions about user groups:

Who can profit from colostrum?

Colostrum may help anybody - fromthe small child to an old person! Colostrum is officially defined as a whole food and may be consumed by everybody. It does not counteract any medication.


Can colostrum be given to babies?

A healthy baby does not need colostrum from animals at all. In special cases it may be advisable to add colostrum from goats as a supplement (after 6 months). Half a capsule per serving is sufficient.


Why can sportsmen and women profit from colostrum?

Good trained athletes may have a lot of strength. But often their immun system is not in perfect shape because their life style with lots of trainings and competitions tends to weaken their immun power.

Colostrum is an ideal supplement with the ability to support the regeneration after a competition very effectively. It is also used as an natural anabolic substance to help build up muscles (more ...).


Questions about different indications:

Due to the fact that colostrum is defined as a whole food the swiss federal law prohibits any kind of health claims concerning the use of colostrum products. The following questions may not be answered here:


Can colostrum help with allergies?


Is colostrum an effective protection against the flus and colds?


Why does colostrum help with intestinal problems?


May the colostrum balm be used on open wounds?


Can colostrum be helpful in the treatment of arthritis?


Does colostrum support the regeneration after an operation?



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