Organic goat colostrum capsules 120

120 vegetabile capsules with 250 mg powder each

Goat colostrum from QuraDea also has certified organic quality and bears the BIOSUISSE label. The wholesome goat colostrum contains all the naturally occurring ingredients. The gentle freeze-drying process guarantees a high quality of the end product. The goat colostrum comes from the first 18 hours after birth. The end product is available in pasteurised, lactose-free quality.

Since the proteins of goats are much smaller than those cows, goat colostrum is well tolerated by most people suffering from a milk protein allergy. In this sense it is considered hypo-allergenic and is a suitable substitute for people who have trouble digesting cow milk proteins.

The 120 capsules are offered in a noble violet glass from Miron. This packaging protects the sensitive ingredients from the denaturing influence of the sunlight.

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  • certified by BIOSUISSE
  • Colostrum from the first 18 hours
  • pasteurized at 63°C
  • lactose free
  • freeze-dried
  • filled by hand without the use of any fillers

list of ingredients

organic goat colostrum 250 mg
vegetabile capsule (Vcaps plus) 90 mg

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  • goat colostrum is suitable for older women
Since goat colostrum contains a relatively large amount of female sex hormones, it is an appropriate dietary supplement during the menopause when the body's own production of estrogens slowly dries up. Goat colostrum primarily contains a lot of estradiol, which as a precursor of the estriol is also responsible for the moisture of the mucous membrane.

  • goat colostrum is not suitable for children

For children until after puberty we recommend the sheep or cow colostrum which both contain significantly less estrogens.