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Goat colostrum from QuraDea is an exclusive rarity!

and a good alternative for people with cowmilk allergy

We are very pleased that we can offer you goat colostrum in organic quality from the Swiss alps! We could win a few goat farmers to collect the goat colostrum in small quantities. Because one cannot withhold too much colostrum from the joung animals our QuraDea goat colostrum can actually be called an exclusive rarity!

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QuraDea goat colostrum has the following qualities:

♦ certified organic quality

♦ SuisseGarantie label

♦ pasteurised at 63°C

♦ gently freeze-dried

♦ from the first 18 hours

♦ lactose free



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Goat colostrum is just as rich in immune factors as the colostrum from cows so that no one could be preferred to the other. In comparison the colostrum of goats contains less fat and its powder is of a pale yellow color. On the other hand there is clearly more lactose in it. Since goat colostrum - and goat milk as well - contain much less casein those products are well tolerated by people having an allergy against cowmilk proteins. QuraDea  goat colostrum is therefore a suitable alternative for those humans and we are glad we can offer it.


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