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Swiss Organic Colostrum

Welcome at the SwissBioColostrum Ltd. We are the one and only Swiss colostrum producer. Out of conviction we only produce certified organic colostrum products.

We are very proud that our QuraDea colostrum products get certified by BIOSUISSE. This label stands for the highest organic quality from the raw material to the finished product.

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QuraDea Colostrum

QuraDea Colostrum

QuraDea [ kuradea ] stands for the healing and nurturing cow-goddess. Under this brand name we've been producing high quality colostrum products since 2008.

Besides many cow colostrum products we also have sheep and goat colostrum on offer. Of course all of them are certified by BIOSUISSE.

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What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk from all mammals. It is something very special indeed that Mother Nature has created for the newborns. In the course of the evolution colostrum was equipped with lots effective immune factors.

Its composition is unique and contains everything the newborn baby needs at the beginning of its life. The synergetic interactions of the many ingredients makes colostrum a food of a most extraordinary kind.

what is colostrum?

Colostrum – a remedy?

According to the existing law statements on possible protective or curative effects of colostrum are prohibited. However many people trust in it and confirm its usefullness with their testimonials.

Interested readers are advised to search independently for colostrum studies at the US National Library of Medicine. Some of those papers have a high scientific standard. In Switzerland and the European Union Colostrum is considered as a food of animal origin which is rich in antibodies and minerals. Genuine, wholesome colostrum comes from the first twelve hours only.

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Colostrum contains a large variety of bio-active vital substances. These include immunoglobulins (= antibodies), growth factors, hormones, vitamins, minerals and all amino acids.

This wholesomeness of substances found in colostrums is in perfect harmony and guarantees for a healthy start into life. We want to preserve this precious gift of nature in its natural composition and quality - because the whole colostrum is more than the sum of its substances!

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Colostrum History

Göttin Hathor in Rindergestalt

Since perhistoric times people appreciated colostrum as a powerful natural food. Ancient civilizations revered colostrum as a special gift of creation!

The adjacent graphic representation shows the suckling goddess Hathor in cattle form together with her son Horus. The oldest written records show that it was probably matriarchal cultures that originally worshipped Hathor as the heavenly mother goddess. This is also symbolized by the stars on her body.

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