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QuraDea colostrum powder and its ingredients

QuraDea Colostrum is very rich in different substances which have been examinated in various scientific studies for many decades. Its uniqueness is due to the fact that all its ingredients are in a natural and optimum balance and interact in perfect synergy to support the newborn calf.

As colostrum is a natural substance, the different values given below are subject to variations.

The data where analysed from pure freeze-dried QuraDea colostrum powder.


Vitamin A 13.5 µg/g
Vitamin B1 1.5 µg/g
Vitamin B2 1.5 µg/g
Vitamin B6 0.5 µg/g
Vitamin B12 1 ng/g
Folsäure 0.2 µg/g
Vitamin C 5 µg/g
Vitamin D3 11 ng/g
Vitamin E 66.5 µg/g
Ubiquinon Q10 0.2 µg/g
Natrium 51 µg/g
Kalium 5.9 mg/g
Calcium 7.8 mg/g
Magnesium 1 mg/g
Eisen 7.7 µg/g
Kupfer 0.35 µg/g
Zink 82 µg/g
Chrom 0.1 µg/g
Phosphor 6.6 mg/g
Selen 0.2 µg/g
Amino Acids
Alanin 23 mg/g
Arginin 26 mg/g
Asparginsäure 52 mg/g
ß-Alanin 2.5 mg/g
ß-Aminoisobuttersäure 8 mg/g
Citrullin k.A.
Cystin 11 mg/g
Glutamin k.A.
Glutaminsäure 98 mg/g
Glycin 19 mg/g
Histidin 14 mg/g
Isoleucin 24 mg/g
Leucin 54 mg/g
Lysin 46 mg/g
Methionin 11 mg/g
Ornithin k.A.
Phenylalanin 26 mg/g
Phosphorethanolamin k.A.
Phosphorserin k.A.
Prolin 49 mg/g
Serin 47 mg/g
Taurin k.A.
Threonin 41 mg/g
Tryptophan 12 mg/g
Tyrosin 32 mg/g
Valin 44 mg/g
Immune Factors
Kreatinin 25 mg/g
Kreatin 0.8 mg/g
Lactoferrin 14 mg/g
Immune Globulins  
IgG 240 mg/g
IgA 25 mg/g
IgM 11 mg/g
Growth Factors
IGF-1 2.1 µg/g
IGF-2 1 µg/g
TGF-ß 0.12 µg/g
Progesteron 0.6 ng/g
Pregnenolon 31.7 ng/g
Androstendion 1.8 ng/g

0.07 ng/g

Epi-Testosteron 0.5 ng/g
Estron 15.8 ng/g
Estradiol-17ß 5.5 ng/g
Estradiol-17alpha 4.6 ng/g





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