Colostrum cleansing foam

Alkaline natural cosmetics in 100 ml foamer

QuraDea cleansing foam gently cleanses the skin with mild washing substances and revitalises it with a natural and refreshing complex of active ingredients.

Selected tensides of vegetable origin gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin of make-up residues and impurities. The cleansing foam protects against moisture loss and gives you a deep clean complexion.

The natural cosmetics certified by Natrue impress with their alkaline preservation at a neutral pH value of 7.4 - you'll be delighted!

Below you can see the INCI translated into English.

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  • certified natural cosmetics
  • alkaline formulation at pH 7.4
  • colostrum content 0.5 %

list of ingredients

water (solvent)
glycerin (moisturizer)
cocos surfactant (cleaning)
vegetable alcohol (stabilizer)
cow colostrum (active ingredient)
honeysuckle extract (conservation)
almond oil (moisturizer)
cinnamon bark extract (preservation)
lactic acid (pH regulator)
essential oil: linalool

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