Colostrum Cleansing Milk

Alkaline natural cosmetics in 100 ml dispenser

The creamy cleansing milk is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It cleanses particularly gently without drying out the skin.

The sesame oil opens the pores so that the protective ingredients can penetrate the skin. Thanks to the moisture-binding properties of jojoba oil, dry skin is abundantly nourished. Dead skin cells are effectively dissolved by the papaya extract.

Below in the ingredients list you can see the INCI translated into English.
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  • certified natural cosmetics
  • alkaline formulation at pH 7,4
  • colostrum content 1 %

list of ingredients

water (solvent)
sesame oil (carrier oil)
jojoba seed oil (mild basic oil)
papaya extract (cleansing)
beta glucan (moisturiser)
pectin (structure provider)
sodium cocoyl glutamate (vegetabile tenside)
cow colostrum (active ingredient)
cinnamon bark distillate (preservation)
honeysuckle flower extract (preservation)
vitamin E (oil stabiliser)
perfume (natural essential oils)
linalool (oil comp. acc. to allergen regulation)

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