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Processing of raw colostrum

In cooperation with a Swiss University we developed a smooth process which allows us to preserve most of the sensible ingredients in the colostrum.

After a low temperature pasteurisation a freeze-drying process extracts the water from the organic high quality raw colostrum without removing any of the fat and casein contents. As a result, the final product shows a lovely yellow color due to the fat and casein which are left in the colostrum. We are convinced that only the 'complete' colostrum offers a multitude of synergies which are of great importance.

Fat in colostrum:

The important fatsolutable vitamines (A,D,E,K), as well as some of the immunglobulines/antibodies stick to the surface of fat particles (Puhan, 2001).
Fat from colostrum contains a lot of highly unsaturated fatty acids.
Fat protects the raw colostrum during the processing as well as during digestion in the stomach (Brody, 2000).
A Swiss study about milk consumption shows that only raw and pasteurised milk can prevent the individual from allergies and asthma. Homogenized milk and milk without fat have no such capacity (Waser, 2006).

The extraction of fat from the colostrum removes some important ingredients and synergetic interactions are prevented.

Casein in colostrum:

Casein binds the calcium- and magnesium-ions within the colostrum. Thus casein stores about 66% of Ca, 53% of Mg, 50% of organic phosphor and 10% of the citric acid part of fresh milk (Puhan, 2001).

The extraction of casein removes important minerals and the natural proportion of the ingredients is changed.



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