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Colostrum quality

Colostrum is a very sensitive agricultural product. It needs to be treated gently all through the process of harvesting and processing and of course the way the animals are held and treated is of upmost importance too. Last but not least the technology which is used for producing colostrum products such as freeze-drying for instance has a mayor influence on the final quality.

Colostrum products are booming world wide. To have an appropriate overview amongst all the different colostrum brands is quite difficult. Each colostrum producer claims to have the best quality and the big differences amongst the prices makes the decision for a colostrum product even more difficult.

As a serious producer of high quality colostrum products it is our goal to communicate openly our understanding of an objective quality control of each and every single colostrum product on the market. At the end of the presentation it will be up to you to make your decision for one or the other colostrum.

Each of the following webpages talks about a different aspect that adds to the quality of the final colostrum product:

At the suppliers webpage you'll find information about Swiss organic farming, its norms and certification and the way QuraDea colostrum is harvested.


The processing webpage presents our way of producing the QuraDea colostrum products.


At the webpage of the quality matrix you will find an usefull tool to evaluate the individuell quality of each and every single colostrum product on the market.



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