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Colostrum for sportsmen and women

as a natural food supplement is very popular!

In recent years a lot of scientific studies have been conducted to evaluate the many positive effects of colostrum on the performance of athletes.

Sports and physical activities can improve the overall fitness and health of a person. The positive stimulus for the immune system is a fact! Professionals though and those who have ambitions to reach higher goals often lack a strong immune system due to their immense and strenuous training efforts. As a result they catch every cold and get injured easily which of course is too bad. For this reason sportsmen and women look out for healthy food supplements like colostrum that hopefully will help them to stay healthy and fit.


packshot quradea cow colostrum powder 300 grams



QuraDea Colostrum has to following qualities:


♦ certified BIO Suisse product Logo von Bio Suisse

♦ pasteurised

♦ laktose free

♦ freeze dried

♦ from the first 12 hours



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Colostrum and Anti-Doping

Colostrum is not prohibited but the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) recommends not to take colostrum as it contains growth factors.




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