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Kuh Colostrum

Cow colostrum capsules from QuraDea come in a great variety and exceptional organic certified quality!

Etikettenausschnitt von QuraDea Kuh Colostrum Optimal
etikettenausschnitt von QuraDea Kuh Colostrum mit Maca und Guarana
Etikettenbild von QuraDea Kuh Colostrum Tabletten mit Granatapfelextrakt
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In the category 'capsules pure' you'll find all the cow colostrum products which contain 100% of the pure and wholesome freeze-dried substance of the cow colostrum in different qualities.

In der category 'capsules mixed' you'll find different mixtures where we added some other interesting and complementary substances to the cow colostrum powder. Like this the mixtures get a specific focus.

In der category 'tablets mixed' you'll find our first suckable tablet with colostrum and pomegranate extract. It comes with a lovely fruity taste and adds a culinary delight to the QuraDea colostrum offer!

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