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colostrum combination with maca and guarana

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The energy donor for everybody!

Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazonas. It is very rich in coffein and has served the Brazilian natives for centuries as a whole food and stimulant for body, spirit and soul. Athlets estimate guarana very much for its stimulating effect and the ability to work out more.

Maca - the peruvian viagra - has been cultivated on Perus plateaus for more than 3000 years and was well known already by the Incas as an energy donor.
As a food supplement it is very popular amongst sports women and men!

Due to the strength of the Colostrum these energy capsules offer a daily physical and mental boost!

The vegetabile capsules are filled with the colostrum energy mixture (450mg each). The jar with its 120 capsules is a smart and protecting violett glas from Miron.

• certified organic product
• gently freezedried
• lactose free (<0.1g/100g)
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General consumption recommendation:

- Children up to 12: 1-2 caps/day - before meals with lots of water.
- Adults take 2-4 capsules/day - before meals with lots of water.
-> You may take much more colostrum if you feel the need for it.

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