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colostrum cream - alkaline natural cosmetics

Product#: 90110

The face cream takes care of dry skin and its ingredients are able to lift and smoothen your wrinkles - anti aging pure! Of course this product is also certified by Natrue as natural cosmetics. Natrue label for certified natural cosmetics

The face cream (airless dispenser with 50ml) contains 3% of colostrum and has some real astonishing anti-aging qualities! Due to its content of growth-factors the cream has an affinity to the elder skin.

The new alkaline formulation at pH 7,4 helps the skin to neutralise its acid waste products which are often responsible for different skin irriations. The application of alkaline cosmetics thus results in a pure skin which looks fresh, nice and smooth.

For detailed informations about the formulation please see the link to the INCI.

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