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About us

The SwissBioColostrum Ltd. was founded in the spring 2008

with the goal to produce highest quality Swiss colostrum products with organic certification. As a scientist and a health practitioner we had the right prerequisites to handle all the difficulties in building up a business.

In the meantime we developed quite a few products and grew up to become the best colostrum production site in the whole wide world! If you compare our QuraDea Colostrum Optimal with its unpasteurised bio-dynamic quality you won't find any other colostrum brand with an equal standard.


Besides our main cow colostrum products we also stock goat colostrum and sheep colostrum which are very popular amongst the health practitioners that work with them in their clinics. At the very moment we're about to develope an new natural cosmetic line with sheep colostrum which hopefully should be ready beginning of 2014.


Swissness and organic certificates are also very interesting qualities for the export business which is growing day by day. People all over the world are interested in our QuraDea colostrum brand. For it's the best colostrum money can by - for sure!



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