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colostrum combination with minerals

Product#: 90014

The colostrum mixture for alcaline body balance!

This mixture is indeed very rich in calcium.
The 4 capsules per day that we recommend add up to 72% of the bodys daily demand. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Sango is a coral which is exremly rich in different minerals. Especially the ratio between calcium and magnesium (2:1) is perfect for the human metabolism.

Together with colostrum this product supports a balanced supplementation with trace elements for the general support of skin, hair and nails. And it also helps keep the pH in a healthy balance.

The vegetabile capsules are filled with the colostrum minerals mixture (550mg each). The jar with its 120 capsules is a smart and protecting violett glas from Miron.

• certified organic product
• pasteurised and freeze-dried
• lactose free (<0.1g/100g)
• very rich in calcium (ca. 300mg/g)
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General consumption recommendation:

- Children up to 12: 1-2 caps/day - before meals with lots of water.
- Adults take 2-4 capsules/day - before meals with lots of water.
-> You may take much more colostrum if you feel the need for it.

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