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colostrum combination with moor and spirulina

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Spirulina platensis is a whole food - full of energy and sunlight; this bluegreen algae is so completely equipped with all vital substances that one could live on spirulina for weeks without any danger of malnourishment!

 Spirulina has a soft cell wall and can therefore be easily digested.

=> 500mg of Spirulina powder contain 100% of the RDA of Vit. B12. For vegetariens this is a very important fact indeed!

Moor contains primarily about 21 percent of humin acids.

The vegetabile capsules are filled with the colostrum detox mixture (250mg each). The jar with its 120 capsules is a smart and protecting violett glas from Miron.

• certified organic product
• gently freezedried
• lactose free (<0.1g/100g)
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General consumption recommendation:

- Children up to 12: 1-2 caps/day - before breakfast with lots of water.
- Adults take 2-4 capsules/day - before breakfast with lots of water.

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