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colostrum tablets with pomegranate

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These new colostrum tablets from QuraDea have a lovely fuity taste. They are certainly suitable for children and people who have difficulties swallowing the capsules.

The ingredients of the colostrum chewable have organic nature and the content is as follows: 40% colostrum powder, 40% pomegranate extract, 5% acerola powder and the rest is a berry mixture for the flavour.

The jar (100 colostrum tablets - 1'000mg each) is a smart and protecting violet glas from Miron.

• certified organic swiss product
• pasteurised & freezedried
• lactose free (<0.1g/100g)
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General consumption recommendation:

- Children up to 12: 1-2 tablets per day.
- Adults take 2-4 tablets per day.
-> You may take much more colostrum if you feel the need for it.

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