Sheep Colostrum

Sheep colostrum - the balanced alternative

Sheep colostrum has the highest fat and the lowest protein content compared to cow and goat colostrum. Whey and casein proteins have a smaller variety compared to cow colostrum. This results in very good tolerance indeed and allergic reactions very rarely occur. QuraDea sheep colostrum gets collected within the first 12 hours after birth and is offered in pasteurised, lactose-free organic quality.


Thanks to sheep colostrum people with a cow milk allergy have the chance to benefit from the manifold advantages of colostrum. With its balanced properties sheep colostrum is particularly suitable for babies and toddlers.

Like cows and the goats sheep produce very rich colostrum of the highest quality. When selecting a colostrum product sympathy for an animal species may play a certain role.

Whether you like the consistency of the cow, the loyalty of the sheep or the individuality of the goat is ultimately a personal decision.