Effectivness of colostrum

The effect of colostrum differs considerably from that of a staple food due to its special ingredients.

The various immune factors such as antibodies, growth factors and hormones should be emphasized first. These ingredients with their of bio-active immune competence make colostrum a very special kind of food. They provide much more than basic nourishment; they also offer essential components with significant effects and benefits on body metabolism and body health. Yet any disease-related statements or health claims in connection with colostrum as food supplement are prohibited. The Swiss and European food law prohibit the use of any health promises in general..

In its decision (BGE 127 II 91) the Federal Supreme Court comments on the slogan "milk gives strong bones" as follows:

It is forbidden to use indications referring to a preventive or curative effect of food in relation to a human disease.

References to the effect of additives or of essential or nutritionally useful substances in food for reasons of public health and to the special purpose or nutritional effect of special foods are permitted.

Colostrum side effects

The intake of colostrum is usually very well tolerated. Side effects are extremely rare and usually affect people who are sensitive to cow milk. In such a case it might be helpful letting the powder slowly dissolve in the mouth. You can read about detailed serving recommendations here.

1. Colostrum and cow milk allergy

People with an allergy to cow milk proteins will not tolerate cow colostrum products well. However they have a good alternative with goat or sheep colostrum. The proteins in these mammals have a different composition and are smaller compared to those of the cow colostrum. Sheep and goats colostrum are therefore better tolerated and considered hypoallergenic.

2. Colostrum and lactose intolerance

The lactose in QuraDea colostrum products is enzymatically reduced to <0.1g per 100g powder during processing. Therefore almost all our colostrum products are lactose free and people with lactose intolerance can digest them without any problems at all. The exception are the two unpasteurized products cow colostrum optimal and cow colostrum lightyam that both contain all of the lactose. If you are not sure about milk protein allergy and/or lactose intolerance we will be happy to advise you on the phone: +41 41 281 0202.

3. Colostrum and type II diabetes

Colostrum contains insulin and the growth factor IGF-1 which have an effect on the metabolism and blood sugar content. Diabetic patients should therefore start with their colostrum supplementation very slowly and carefully in order to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Please discuss the issue with your doctor. You are also welcome to call us for a consultation during normal business hours.

4. Colostrum and cancer

Colostrum can support the immune system and alleviate side effects during chemo- or radiotherapy. Yet for hormone sensitive cancers such as breast or prostate cancer colostrum is contraindicated. Please discuss it with your oncologist.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them on +41 41 281 0202

Colostrum testimonials

Many people rely on taking colostrum in its various forms. Their testimonials reach us regularly. For legal reasons this collection of reports may not be published here. Interested people can request these from with us or investigate at www.pubmed.gov for studies. The US National Library of Medicine holds many colostrum studies of high scientific standard.