Organic colostrum

QuraDea colostrum products have been awarded by BIOSUISSE. This certification stands for foods of the highest organic quality.

Guetesiegel von Bio Suisse
BIO SUISSE has very strict agricultural guidelines

Feeding, fertilization, hygiene regulations and the use of drugs are regulated and get checked regularly. These standards form the framework for our colostrum suppliers and they are getting approved by annual audits. As a manufacturer we also demand that each cow must be absolutely free from antibiotic treatments for at least one year. Preventive administration of antibiotics as food additive in conventional farming is a major problem in the food chain. Bio Suisse prohibits this detrimental use of antibiotics strictly.

Demeter Logo für bio-dynamische Landwirtschaft

DEMETER Colostrum

Demeter has been a guarantee for high quality biodynamically cultivated food since 1924. At the beginning of the 20th century German farmers began using artificial fertilizers. Concerned farmers turned to Rudolf Steiner with the question of an alternative to mineral fertilization. In a course interested farmers were introduced to the biodynamic farming methods. This gave rise to the DEMETER agricultural movement which today is almost 100 years old.  DEMETER still stands for the highest quality and vitality of food produced according to strictest guidelines. This means that the cows only receive fresh grass or hay in winter. Any concentrated feeding is not allowed and antibiotic treatments are taboo. The animals may not get dehorned. The rhythms of the moon and the stars are taken into account in everyday agricultural life and dynamised preparations replace mineral fertilisation. Our premium colostrum product the Cow Colostrum Optimal is made from unpasteurized Demeter raw colostrum.

Horns from ruminants are special organs - this is evidenced by impressive crystallization images.

Ruminants don't have the horns just for fun. These organs form an important part of the digestive system and supply the metabolism with vital energy so that the animals can produce milk and colostrum from the cellulose of the feed. The following booklet seeks to shed light on the issue by bringing together some basic facts and observations: Why cows have horns.

Of course dehorned cows and goats can continue to produce milk - but the quality of the colostrum suffers as crystallization images show.

Life energy suffers a significant loss in dehorned animals: the milk no longer has the power to crystallise in a natural way. The images clearly show how rigid structures appear in the milk and colostrum of dehorned animals. That has no longer anything in common with the organic appearance of crystallised milk from horned animals.

The Demeter guidelines prohibit the dehorning of animals in general. Thus we can guarantee 100% horn-energy for the cow colostrum optimal product!

Guetesiegel von Natrue
The label criteria of NATRUE are demanding.

In terms of consistency and complete transparency regarding the definition of "natural cosmetics" in Europe, the criteria are unique. The NATRUE label sets a high standard regarding the naturalness of cosmetic products and helps consumers to identify genuine natural and organic cosmetic products. When the NATRUE seal appears on packaging, you can be sure that this product meets a strict standard and that it was certified by a reliable certification body through an independent certification process.

You can find more detailed information about the certification requirements on Natrue's website.