Colostrum Manufacturer

As the only colostrum manufacturer in Switzerland SwissBioColostrum Ltd. has been processing raw colostrum in an old dairy plant near Cham since 2008. Here where a wide variety of cheese has been produced over 100 year we continue the tradition of milk processing. In the past hundreds of litres of milk per day were processed here where as today it is just as many litres of colostrum per month.

At our manufacturing site the processing of colostrum is done by hand. As a manufacturer we value the precious 'gold of the cow' and transform the raw material carefully and gently into high-quality QuraDea colostrum end products. You may read more about the manner of our production on the webpage concerning the processing.

about us

We founded SwissBioColostrum Ltd. in spring 2008 with the aim of producing Swiss colostrum products of organic quality. We set ourselves a high goal and would like to be able to offer you the very best colostrum products.

As scientist on the one hand and health practitioner on the other hand we have the right prerequisites to be able to deal with the manifold challenges and come up with appropriate solutions. In the meantime we have developed into a centre of compentence for all questions relating to colostrum.

We have achieved the high goal of producing the best colostrum products! Thanks to inspired inventiveness and tireless dedication our product range has developed tremedously over the past eleven years. There are the pure colostrum products from cows, goats and sheep. We havealso created various colostrum mixtures each with a specific focus. And of course there's also our QuraDea natural alkaline cosmetics which impressively demonstrate the regenerative properties of colostrum day by day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at regular office hours on +41 41 281 02 02.

Logo von QuraDea Colostrum Produkte

QuraDea - our brand

The Swiss colostrum brand QuraDea [ kuradea ] was registered in 2008. It has evolved from the intensive occupation with the product colostrum. The name QuraDea roots in traditions from ancient Egypt. Symbolically the name stretches an arch into the modern age. Three levels of meaning try to define the colostrum brand..

1. the origin comes from the old cultures

In many old cultures where cattle breeding was practiced the cow had a special position. Ancient representations show the importance of milk production (neolithic period), the importance of cows in myths (Audhumbla in germanic mythology) or the worship of the cow as a mother of all deities in Indian mythology.

The Egyptian culture was influenced by the myth of Isis for a long time. As goddess she was often depicted with curved horns carrying the sun in between.

Later illustrations show Isis in the form of a cow (called Hathor) with the same symbol of the sun-bearing horn shell. In a text fragment from the 15th century B.C. Hathor says the following words to the Pharaoh:

" ... I have suckled Your Majesty on my breast,

I have filled you with my light,

with my water of life and salvation.

I am your mother who raised your body,

I created your beauty.

I have come to be your protection

and let you taste my milk,

so that you may live and last through them."

Her milk gives life, beauty and protection to the pharaoh!

2. the sybolic content of the QuraDea logo

There are different connotations that can be seen in both the symbol of Isis and QuraDea logo. They are all about contrasts in which mankind can find itself in the center position:

horn / wave
~ sun  / circle
life force (earth) ~ solar power (cosmos)
~ rest


3. the QuraDea logo as an anagram

The name QuraDea [ kuradea ] is derived from two latin word stems:

  • cura (nurture, heal)
  • dea (goddess)

If you replace the c of cura with a q [ kuh = cow ] you get to our brand name QuraDea:

[ Kuh ] - [ Ra ] - [ Dea ] = the healing cow goddess.