cow colostrum

Cow colostrum - a source of life for everybody

Our cow colostrum products have certified organic quality - awarded with the Bio Suisse bud seal. They are wholesome and contain all of the naturally occurring ingredients. The gentle freeze-drying process guarantees the highest quality of the end product.


The cow colostrum gets collected within the first 12 hours after birth. The final products are available in various qualities:

In general cow colostrum is characterized by a high content of antibodies. The "cow's gold" is not available at will and therefore is very precious indeed. Thanks to the regulations of Swiss organic agriculture an excellent quality of the cow colostrum can be guaranteed.

Colostrum is a rare natural treasure!

The calf receives practically no immunoglobulins from the mother during gestation. It is born without an active immune protection. The complete immune system of the mother with all its immune factors gets transferred to the calf with the first suckling of colostrum. This guarantees the newborn an optimal start into life.

Since the majority of the immune factors are not species-specific they can also be transferred to humans. Large proteins such as antibodies unfold their effect in the gastrointestinal tract while smaller immune factors such as hormones can be absorbed into the blood.

Why can the farmer collect colostrum for our production?

This is only possible because animals such as cattle, goats and sheep have been bred for milk production. The milk yield of dairy cows has increased over decades - and the amount of colostrum too. The cows from our Swiss suppliers give an average surplus of 5 litres of colostrum within the first 12 hours after birth. So please rest assured that the calf always gets its share in the first place.

We endeavour to process this 'liquid gold' as gently as possible in order to offer you high-quality QuraDea colostrum products.

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ingredients of cow colostrum

Colostrum is a source of a multitude of ingredients that promote lots of bioactive vitality. It has been the subject of intensive scientific research for over fifty years.

The variety of all ingredients is naturally balanced to support the newborn in perfect synergy. In the analysis of the ingredients of QuraDea cow colostrum in thje table below the values are subject to certain fluctuations as the raw material is of natural origin.

The analysed data refer to 1 gram (= 4 capsules) of freeze-dried QuraDea cow colostrum powder.

vitamin A 13.5 µg/g
vitamin B1 1.5 µg/g
vitamin B2 1.5 µg/g
vitamin B6 0.5 µg/g
vitamin B12 1 ng/g
folic acid
0.2 µg/g
vitamin C 5 µg/g
vitamin D3 11 ng/g
vitamin E 66.5 µg/g
ubiquinon Q10 0.2 µg/g
51 µg/g
5.9 mg/g
calcium 7.8 mg/g
magnesium 1 mg/g
7.7 µg/g
0.35 µg/g
zinc 82 µg/g
chrome 0.1 µg/g
phosphor 6.6 mg/g
selenium 0.2 µg/g

alanine 23 mg/g
arginine 26 mg/g
aspartic acid
52 mg/g
ß-alanine 2.5 mg/g
ß-aminoisobutyric acid 8 mg/g
citrulline n.d.
cystine 11 mg/g
glutamic acid
98 mg/g
glycine 19 mg/g
histidine 14 mg/g
isoleucine (essential) 24 mg/g
leucine (essential) 54 mg/g
lysine (essential) 46 mg/g
methionine (essential) 11 mg/g
ornithin n.d.
phenylalanine (essential) 26 mg/g
phosphore ethanolamine n.d.
phosphorserine n.d.
proline 49 mg/g
serine 47 mg/g
taurine n.d.
threonine (essential) 41 mg/g
tryptophan (essential) 12 mg/g
tyrosine 32 mg/g
valine (essential) 44 mg/g

creatinine 25 mg/g
creatine 0.8 mg/g
lactoferrin 14 mg/g
methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) 2.1 µg/g

IgG 264 mg/g
IgA 25 mg/g
IgM 11 mg/g

IGF-1 2.1 µg/g
IGF-2 1 µg/g
TGF-ß 0.12 µg/g
progesterone 0.6 ng/g
pregnenolone 31.7 ng/g
androstendione 1.8 ng/g

0.07 ng/g

epi-Testosterone 0.5 ng/g
estron 15.8 ng/g
estradiol-17ß 5.5 ng/g
estradiol-17alpha 4.6 ng/g
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