colostrum for seniors


  • rich in minerals & antibodies
  • improves performance
  • supports regeneration
  • increases resistance
  • anti-aging for the skin
Colostrum contains many immune factors which can show impressive, regenerative powers! The predicate 'anti-aging' does not come by chance. Especially elderly people can benefit tremendously from this special source of life.
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In order to enjoy your retirement in a relaxed way it might prove beneficial to enrich your daily meals with dietary supplements. From the age of 30 onwards fewer and fewer vital substances and immune factors are produced and the natural aging process begins ...

Colostrum with its abundance of minerals and immune factors is a rich source of a multitude of ingredients that provide more than basic nourishment but offer essential components with effects on body metabolism.

We have made a selection of suitable products for seniors that can be seen below.

recommendations for seniors