Natural alkaline cosmetics

The QuraDea cosmetics line was developed to support the regenerative powers of the skin and its natural protective functions. All cosmetics have been awarded the Natrue seal of approval for genuine natural cosmetics: your natural, alkaline skin care ritual with colostrum. Thanks to the discreet and delicate fragrance, the products are suitable for women and men.

The skin

consists of several layers and covers almost the entire surface of our body as an outer envelope. It is a living organ and a wonderful place of exchange between the inner and outer worlds. Last but not least, the skin is also our great protector.

As an organ of perception, the skin represents a double elimination portal; sweat and sebaceous glands guarantee this function as organs of secretion. The excretion of acidic and/or excessive waste through these glands can lead to skin problems. In this sense, healthy skin also includes the care of the inner life: beauty from within & without.

The skin as a respiratory organ exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide with the environment, similar to the lungs. The epidermis absorbs oxygen from the air on the outside, while the capillaries supply the subcutis with oxygen from the inside.

The skin as an enveloping boundary, protects us from the outside world in a certain way. Thanks to the sense of touch, humans can distinguish their wholeness from the outside. By feeling the contours of his personal microcosm, an individual also experiences the vastness of the world, the macrocosm.

Colostrum connects inside & outside

Since time immemorial, colostrum has been regarded as a very special kind of food. Ancient civilisations knew and revered the first milk as an extraordinary gift of creation!
Thanks to its wholesomeness, QuraDea Colostrum contains many ingredients that can meet the diverse needs of the skin:

  • Epidermal growth factors repair damaged areas of the mucosa or epidermis.
  • Immune factors develop an antibacterial effect
  • Various vitamins have an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and moisturising effect
  • Minerals protect the epidermis and have an antioxidant, cleansing and balancing effect
  • Amino acids primarily fix moisture in the skin
  • You can see an analysis of the ingredients on this website

As a cornucopia of protective and vital substances, colostrum is a unique elixir. The very first breast milk immediately after birth is a sacred, protective and beneficial food, both internally and externally.

The relationship between the inner organism and the skin is strengthened when the cosmetic care ritual is accompanied by the supplementation of colostrum.

We have designed a simple treatment ritual for your daily skin care, which is adapted to the different skin types. You can see the corresponding matrix here.

Alkaline cosmetics

have been in use for many generations. Our ancestors used alkaline soaps for daily body care until recently. A slightly alkaline pH of 7.4 is ideal for a daily cosmetic product; it does not dry out the skin, but gently stimulates the sebaceous glands and neutralises acidic secretions. In this way, skin that is too oily or too dry regains its natural balance.

The essence of QuraDea's alkaline body care lies in the natural regulation of the skin. Its original, alkaline nature reappears and the skin looks clearer and more rejuvenated.

QuraDea colostrum cosmetics