Colostrum applications

Colostrum as a bioactive source of a multitude of ingredients is basically suitable for all people! Although there are many specific areas of application they can be identified by a glance at the ingredients.

Of great interest are the various immune factors such as antibodies, growth factors, hormones and other organic molecules. It is worth taking a closer look at the different ingredients. In addition to different areas of application you may also be able to see which colostrum product might be suitable for a certain person.

The following simple classification has proven quite useful in its application. Of course recommendations can be made more precisiely if for instance a hormone analysis is available. On our partner webpage you will find addresses of health practicionners who can run a saliva hormone test. If you need help just give us a call at +41 41 281 0202.

Cow colostrum

  • is suitable for men, women and youngsters
  • is good in the convalescence
  • may help athletes to regenerate
  • supports women after childbirth
  • also suitable for dogs, cats and other pets

Special characteristics of cow colostrum:

  • contains the most progesterone and even some testosterone

Goat colostrum

  • is the best choice for women during menopause

Special characteristics of goats colostrum:

  • contains the most estrogens
  • is easier to digest due to smaller proteins

Sheep colostrum

  • is particularly suitable for allergic people
  • is the best choice for babies
  • is our general recommendation for children up to primary school

Special characteristics of sheep colostrum:

  • male and female hormones are quite balanced
  • the smaller proteins are easily digestible

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