colostrum during pregnancy


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"Can I take colostrum during pregnancy?" Women regularly ask us this question.
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Basically a woman does not need colostrum during pregnancy as long as she feels comfortable and in full possession of her strength.

In pregnancy progesterone rises continuously until it reaches a 60-fold level before birth. Cow colostrum supplementation is suitable during pregnancy due to its progesterone content.

Sometimes a supplementation with cow colostrum also makes sense after the birth. Then the high progesterone level decreases rapidly which can lead to mood swings. Cow colostrum can be taken to support this transition period.

If after birth the nipples feel irritated or even painful due to breastfeeding we strongly recommend to apply the colostrum balm 2-3 times a day.

Furthermore we have a dietary supplement on offer which has proven effectiv in cases of iron deficiency: see below for colostrum with iron + zinc.

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colostrum for babies

In the first days after birth the baby receives colostrum from its mother. Human colostrum is also rich in immune factors that protect the newborn and promote its development. If the mother is breastfeeding her baby for a few months it can build up a real strong immune system.

If the baby can not be breastfed sheep colostrum might be administered. It has a balanced composition and is very well tolerated. Give half a capsule per day into the bottle. Later on you can just mix the powder into the porridge.

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