colostrum for animals


  • rich in minerals and vitamins
  • contains many immune factors
  • supports regeneration
  • increases resistance

Colostrum for animals makes a lot of sense too because the colostrum of all mammals contain many immune factors that are not species-specific.

Therefore pets and livestock alike can benefit from the QuraDea cow colostrum brekkies. Since the dairy animals produce more than enough colostrum there's also something left for the pets. This lucky circumstance is described in more detail on the page about our colostrum suppliers.

cat and dogs smell at each other

colostrum for dogs

Among the colostrum studies there are two scientific papers which investigated the influence of colostrum supplementation in animals. One study investigated the effect of colostrum in dogs. The results show two major effects:

  • a greater diversity of mucosal flora in the intestine
  • increased IgA values in the intestine

The second study investigated the effect of colostrum on racehorses. Often they suffer from infections of the upper respiratory tract. Just like professional athletes who exercise too hard or compete in too many races. This impaires the immune system which can lead to colds in the upper respiratory tract (URTI). The results of the study clearly show that racehorses recovered much faster after the races if they received colostrum.

colostrum for cats

There haven't been any studies published yet on the effect of colostrum on cats. But there are other veterinary studies that show the immunogenic effect of colostrum being transferred from one spieces to an other.

serving recommendations

Cats and dogs can be served by giving the tablets together with their food:

  • cats are well served with 1 tablet/day
  • dogs can take 1 - 3 tablets/day depending on their weight
  • horses need 1-2 heaped spoons/day

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