what is colostrum?

Colostrum is a unique elixir. It is the very first breast milk that all mammals - including humans - receive immediately after birth.

In the course of evolution mother Nature has equipped colostrum with a true abundance of vital and protective substances. This wholesomeness enables the newborns to develop their own immune system. It strengthens their defences forces and promotes a good start into life and healthy growth from the beginning.

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Colostrum - a source of life for humans and animals

Colostrum could be regarded as natural medicine. The legal definition speaks about an animal secretion that is rich in antibodies and minerals. It is, however, a true cornucopia of various ingredients which are absolutely unique in their density and specificity. Nowhere else can we find so many bio-active immunee factors and immunological in a food.

Interestingly the immune systems of mammals and humans are very similar. Thus all colostrums contain many immune factors which are not specific to a specie. Therefore colostrum can be transferred from one mammalian specie to another and also to humans. Due to this fact people can benefit from cow, sheep and goat colostrum in an excellent way.

Humans discovered colostrum early in histrory. More than 10'000 years ago our ancestors started to breed wild animals. The milk yield of the primitive cattle was increased and today the dairy cows give a multiple of milk and colostrum. A calf needs 6 litres of colostrum within 12 hours after birth. The farmer can save a left over from the first two milkings for us; on average about 5 litres of colostrum remain. For sheep and goats it is 1 and 0.5 litres of colostrum that remain.

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Colostrum - a natural medicine

Cows are the most common source of colostrum. But sheep and goats also supply a rich first milk which is primarily an alternative for allergic people and small children. To ensure that none of the valuable ingredients get denaturated it is crucial to process the colostrum as gently as possible. In addition the time of its collecton plays an important role for the colostrum quality. High-quality colostrum comes from the first twelve hours after birth when the content of immune factors is still very high. Afterwards their concentration decreases rapidly.

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Colostrum - remedy or food?

Colostrum is considered as food from animal origin in Switzerland and the European Union. According to the existing food law statements on possible protective or curative effects of colostrum are prohibited. However many people trust in this natural food supplement and testify their experiences in reports. Interested people are recommended to search for colostrum studies independently at www.pubmed.gov. Among them are some valuable papers that have a high scientific standard. You can read more about this on the page about the effectivness of colostrum.

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Colostrum can't be copied

Colostrum is a 100% natural and unique substance which cannot be copied. The first milk contains minerals and plant matter which get converted into a holistic substance by the animals. Colostrum roots in three kingdoms: the mineral-, plant- and animal kingdom.

Cows, goats and sheep thus become donors of a unique source of life which can unfold effects which are not inherent in any other natural substance.

While minerals, vitamins and amino acids are part of many plant products colostrum contains ingredients that cannot be found anywhere else in nature. Due to various immune factors such as growth factors, antibodies and hormones colostrum is certainly an incredibly rich and unique natural substance.

Colostrum as a natural food supplement may support your health. Especially nowadays colostrum can be helpful in a preventive sense for people of all ages.

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