Colostrum in Sports


  • many minerals and vitamins
  • valuable immune factors and antibodies
  • increases protein metabolism
  • supports the regeneration phases
  • changes the immune resistance

Colostrum in sports has been scientifically researched for many decades. The effects of colostrum on the endurance, regenerative ability and immune status of athletes are being investigated. The US National Library of Medicine has published many of these publications in recent years.


Sport as a meaningful leisure activity undoubtedly contributes to general fitness and can positively influence the health status; the immunostimulating effect of physical activity is a measurable fact. However, ambitious amateur and professional athletes sometimes suffer from a weakened immune system. Increased risk of colds, signs of exhaustion and the associated susceptibility to injury are the known consequences. This is why athletes are increasingly turning to dietary supplements which they hope will provide them positive support.

In this context colostrum is enjoying increasing popularity amongst sportswomen and sportsmen. That's why we have a stand-up pouch with 300 grams of wholesome cow colostrum powder on offer for ambitious athletes. Just add 1-2 teaspoons of the powder to your shake after the workout or training - try it out!

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