Colostrum Suppliers

All our suppliers are organic and Demeter certified farmers who adhere to the guidelines and regulations from Bio Suisse which are the strictest in Europe.

We visit our suppliers personally on a regular basis. Always we are pleased to see how great their responsibility ans seriousness is. It testifies for an incredible down-to-earthness and authenticity of the farmers.

This spirit gives confidence in the best quality of colostrum and a responsible consideration for the welfare of the young animals. They need enough first milk to build up a healthy, strong immune system. The farmer also knows that his cows could supply several calves with fresh colostrum. This is due to our ancestors who have bred dairy animals for centries. With the increasing milk yield the amount of colostrum increased as well.

Today we can totally rely on our swiss organic colostrum suppliers to collect immune milk of high quality. We would like to take this opportunity and say thank you to all the farming families for their dedicated work!

bauer urs auf dem traktor

Our QuraDea colostrum is obtained exclusively from cows, goats and sheep from certified organic and biodynamic agriculture. These two certificates stand for a sustainable agriculture that cares for our precious resources and takes the welfare of the animals seriously.

QuraDea colostrum comes only from animals that:

  • come from Swiss agriculture
  • be kept organically
  • are in the best of health
  • have been free of antibiotics for at least one year

QuraDea colostrum originates from the first 12 hours after birth

It is the first and second milking which is obtained within the first 12 hours after birth. For the newborn calf colostrum is essential for survival. In contrast to humans it has not received any prenatal immunisation by antibodies of the mother and is therefore absolutely dependent on the colostrum. Thus only surpluses are available for our processing. It is a very rare raw material which we value and respect as the gold of the cow.

Why are there any colostrum surpluses?

Nature is extremely economical and seldom produces surpluses. They only arise through breeding. This began thousands of years ago (see history of colostrum). Only today's 'high-performance' dairy cows provide us with a surplus of milk and colostrum. The same applies to other dairy animals such as goats and sheep.

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