Goat Colostrum

Goat colostrum - the exclusive rarity

Organic goat colostrum comes from the Swiss alps. We have some goat farmers in the canton of Graubünden and in Central Switzerland who collect goat colostrum in small quantities. The young goats need the majority of the first milk so that our goat colostrum can be described as an exclusive rarity.
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QuraDea goat colostrum has certified organic quality too and was awarded to show the BIOSUISSE bud label. The goat colostrum is wholesome and contains all naturally occurring ingredients. The gentle freeze-drying process guarantees a high quality of the end product.

The goat colostrum gets collected within the first 18 hours after birth. The finished product is available in pasteurised, lactose-free quality.

Goat colostrum is just as rich in immune factors as cow colostrum. Only the individual concentrations vary so that none can be preferred to the other. Since the proteins and fat globuli of goats are smaller than the ones from cows goat colostrum is very well tolerated. Thus it is considered hypo-allergenic and is a valuable alternative for people who have troubles digesting cow milk proteins.