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SwissBioColostrum & QuraDea are officially certified

The SwissBioColostrum Ltd has an official business license for the production of colostrum food products and food supplements. The QuraDea colostrum products are organically certified by bio.inspecta and have very high quality standards. On this webpage you'll find all the relevant documents that have been issued for SwissBioColostrum Ltd and their organic QuraDea colostrum products.

► Swiss business license

This license is issued by the Swiss federal departement for food safety and veterinary health BLV (Bundesamt für Lebensmittelsicherheit und Veterinärwesen). The local departement of the state of Zoug AVS (Amt für Verbraucherschutz) is auditing this license on a regulat basis. By the following links you may get either directly to the federal website or download the registration of the SwissBioColostrum Ltd (Nr.: 72038471):

=> federal Swiss business license BLV (website)

=> federal Swiss business license (PDF download)


► BioSuisse, Demeter & SuisseGarantie

these certificates are issued by bio.inspecta who controls the companys production every year for the renewal of the certificates. All the registered QuraDea colostrum products and their certificates may be checked online at the following website: easy-cert.ch

=> general certificate for the company (PDF download)

=> specific certificate for the products (PDF download)


► SwissMade

This label is issued by an organization Swiss Label located at Bern. The well known symbol of the crossbow is an excellent marketing tool for exportation.


► Natrue

Natrue stands for certified organic cosmetics. This European organization is linked to bio.inspecta Switzerland which is in chyarge of the registrations of the products. Under the following link you get to our products (incl. INCI) at the website of natrue.org .

=> Natrue certificate (PDF download)



The company was certified in 2016 for international Halal production standards. Below you may download the certificate of the company and the certificate of the products that were inspected.

=> company certifcate (PDF download)

=> product certificate (PDF download)


► Foreign export accreditations

In the context of the FTA between Switzerland and China the SwissBioColostrum Ltd was accredited in autumn 2016 and can now be found on the official Chinese list .


Manufacturer-, free sales- and health certificates

For worldwide exportation a lot of different certificates are necessary. And every country has its specifications too! So please make inquiries at your local customs head office to learn more about the obligatory requirements for the importation of foreign colostrum products into your country.

Below you can see some examples of different export certificates:

=> manufacturer certificate

=> free sales certificate

=> health certificate


Custom declarations and HS codes

Of course all the QuraDea colostrum products are classified by the international customs code:

=> HS code for the pure colostrum products: 0402.2119

=> HS code for the colostrum mixtures: 2106.9098

=> HS code for the colostrum cosmetics: 3304.9900




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