picture of the QuraDea colostrum logo

QuraDea Swiss organic colostrum

Our colostrum brand QuraDea [ kuradea ] originates from from two roman words: curare (healing) and Dea (godess). The inspiration for the development of the name and the logo comes from the Egyptian gnosis where the godess Isis is often shown with horns on her head. Between these horns she wears the sun as an insigna of here immortality.

The sun as our source of life remained at her central place during the graphic design while the horns mutated into a wave or a spring. This symbol matches perfectly the life force which is present in the colostrum. All of its bio-active ingredients add up to this very special `spring of life´. In this sense QuraDea stands for the healing power which lies hidden within the colostrum. Specifically the colostrum of ruminants - cows, goats, sheep, etc. – is very rich in immune factors which make this natural food supplement very special and effective indeed!


Our goal is to offer you the very best colostrum products available at all – QuraDea – Swiss organic colostrum in exceptional wholesome oragnic quality!



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