Colostrum for sportsmen and sportswomen

Marc-René Paravicini / 24.06.2020
Colostrum has been used in sports as a natural food supplement for a long time. First and foremost, colostrum helps ambitious athletes to achieve a strong and stable immune system. This is an important prerequisite for the performance and health of athletes.

In a rather technical jargon one speaks of an 'open window', which might open up after strenuous training sessions or a tuff really competition. What is means by is a weakened immune system, which has become unbalanced due to the stressful competition; it can no longer fully guarantee a strong immune system. As a result, athletes are very susceptible to URI (upper respiratory infections), which can be a cold, a flu or even pneumonia.

Colostrum is able to counteract this due to its variety of immune factors, so that this dreaded 'open window' cannot open at all and the athletes stay healthy even after extreme stress (triathlon, marathon, etc.).

The regeneration ability of the athletes is also positively supported by the supplementation of colostrum, which has been proven by various scientific studies. These can be viewed at

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