cat and dog taking a close look at each other

Colostrum for pets also makes sense

because all mammals have similar immune factors!

Colostrum with its many immune factors is not specific to a species. Some immune factors are the same for all animals and humans too. For this reason your pet might profit from the cow colostrum just as if it was from its mother cat.

Amongst the scientific studies there are two papers that researches the positive influence of colostrum supplementation for horses and dogs.


packshot quradea colosrum brekkies for pet



Colostrum brekkies have the following qualities:

♦ certified organic product

♦ pasteurised and lactose free

♦ with lots of other ingredients (see webshop)


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serving recommendations:

Cats ans dogs get their colostrum share with the daily meal:

=> Cats are well served with 1 tablet/day.

=> Dogs, depending on their size, can be served with 2 - 3 tablets/day.

=> in acute situations the dosage may be increased.



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