Side effects of colostrum supplementation

Colostrum usually has positive side effects!

There are a few exceptions though which you should know:


1. Milk protein allergy

Humans with a hypersensitivity to cow milk proteins (casein or whey) will not tolerate the QuraDea cow colostrum since it contains these proteins. For those people we have goat or sheep colostrum on offer which in most cases is very well tolerated.


2. Lactose intolerance

Lactose (milk sugar) intolerance is quite common and impairing. Since we reduce the lactose during the processing of the raw colostrum to 0,8g per 100g powder its consumption should be well tolerated in most cases.


3. Colostrum and diabetes

For diabetic patients (typ II) colostrum can be very helpful as natural food supplement because there's IGF-I and IGF-II (=Insulin like growth factors) in it. Since the insulin substitution with colostrum is a subtle affair those patients should discuss the matter with their physicians.


4. Colostrum and cancer

Because colostrum contains all the sexual hormones its therapeutical value for cancer patients is discussed controversially; especially when the cancer is treated with synthetic hormones (breast  and prostate cancer).



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