Colostrum body lotion

Alkaline natural cosmetics - 150 ml in airless dispenser

The QuraDea body lotion intensively refreshes the skin. Thanks to the rich texture of recious evening primrose oil and mild shea butter the lotion strengthens the skin and stimulates its metabolism.

The colostrum body lotion also nourishes the skin's natural protective function by improving the lipid structure. Jojoba and avocado oil give the skin more luminosity and make it appear in a harmonized and revitalized look.

This natural cosmetics certified by Natrue impresses with its alkaline preservation at a neutral pH of 7.4 - you'll be delighted!

Below you can see the INCI translated into English.

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  • certified natural cosmetics
  • alkaline formulation at pH 7.4
  • colostrum content 1.5%

list of ingredients

water (solvent)
glycerin (moisturizer)
jojoba oil (refatting)
cow colostrum (active substance)
plant-based alcohol (co-emulsifier)
evening primrose oil (active ingr.)
avocado oil (emulsifier)
almond oil (moisturizer)
plant-based alcohol (co-emulsifier)
glyceryl stearates (vegetabile refatting)
cinnamon bark extract (preservation)
wheat protein (vegetabile emulsifier)
honeysuckle extract (conservation)
vitamin E (oil stabilizer)
perfume (natural essential oils)
essential oil: linalool

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