Colostrum Serum

Alkaline Natural Cosmetics in 30 ml Airless Dispenser

The velvety-soft formulation of the serum gives your skin a wonderfully
invigorating feeling.

The regenerating effect of colostrum is supported by exclusive substances: crocus extract and hyaluronic acid improve collagen production, thistle and argan oil with isomalt provide the epidermis with moisture, brown algae and moisture, brown algae and moss extract protect and protect and nourish the skin cells.

The firming effect of acacia sap, together with copoazu butter contribute to a supple soft feeling of the skin.

Below in the list of the ingredients you can see the INCI translated into English.

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  • certified natural cosmetics
  • alkaline formulation at pH 7.4
  • colostrum content 1.5 %

list of ingredients

water (solvent)
glycerin (herbal moisturizer)
argan oil (moisturiser)
copoazu butter (texture of the cream)
safflower oil (protection of the skin barrier)
cow colostrum (active ingredient)
sugar alcohol (preserves skin moisture)
cetearyl alcohol (vegetabile co-emulsifier)
cetyl alcohol (vegetabile co-emulsifier)
glyceryl stearates (vegetabile refatting)
dried acacia juice (skin tightening)
wheat protein (vegetabile emulsifier)
hyaluronic acid (anti-aging active ingredient)
cinnamon bark distillate (preservation)
honeysuckle flower extract (preservation)
acetic ester (solvent)
active substance from moss (protection of the cell nucleus)
brown algae extract (reduction of wrinkles)
crocus extract (synthesis of collagen)
vitamin E (oil stabiliser)
perfume (natural essential oils)
citral, linalool, limonene (oil comp. acc. to allergen regulation)

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