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Organic colostrum may support your health

Colostrum products should be of organic quality and certified by a federal institution. The quality of the colostrum depends on our attitude towards the animals, on their feeding and general treatment.

Colostrum - nature's gift to the immune system - is an astonishing natural substance! It helps new born infants to develop a strong and healthy immune system and to resist illnesses. Of course also adults can profit from colostrum if they take this unique food supplement to support their well being. There have been many interesting studies published on this matter and some of them are to be found here.


Colostrum, also known as immune milk, is one of the oldest and most exceptional natural foods. It contains a immense variety of vital ingredients. Those special substances only occur in the realm of the mammals and you will not find them anywhere else.


Primarily colostrum is very rich in immune factors and minerals. Further more it contains growth-factors, hormones, all the amino acids as well as vitamins and trace elements. A detailed analysis of our QuraDea colostrum powder can be found at the webpage of the ingredients.


Colostrum with its natural variety of bio-active substances supports our health. And the QuraDea colostrum products with their certified organic quality guarantee for wholesome food supplements that contribute to our physical and mental well-being.



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